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Apr 30, 2019

Meetings Hall of Famer, talking intentional life and event design.

Meet Tahira Endean, CMP.

After decades of traveling the world to plan, speak, teach, blog and engage in all things events related Tahira is at the top of her field. A recipient of peer recognition including the Meetings Canada Hall of Fame, Top Five Women in #eventtech, 2016 MeetingsNet ChangeMaker and 2017 Top 20 Canada's Most Fascinating Women in Events, Tahira continues to give back to the industry. She thrives on the chance to harness the power of events to connect people and evolve ideas through unexpected and impactful ways. (Like the time she hired trapeze artists to serve wine.) She delights, she surprises and she delivers. And did we mention bubbles? Tahira loves them. And chocolate (of course). But most of all Tahira loves her husband, her son and daughter, and their life on Canada’s west coast.

Intentional Event Design Our Professional Opportunity Book by Tahira Endean (Author)

-- Our role as event professionals is to create experiences steeped in trust, where our audiences feel their participation in our event was the best use of their time and financial investment and our stakeholders see the value from investing in worthwhile events. This requires our event designs to bring out the best in human nature by making intentional decisions based on the knowledge available about our participants and their needs. Deeply understanding how human beings respond in live event environments is our new currency.

The seven intentions include developing stronger event processes, understanding how to make the most of the available technology and data including digital marketing, designing to optimize the experience through immersive, brain-friendly design, and creating sustainable, wellness-driven events.