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Mar 23, 2020

Designing people-centric, purpose driven events. SITE global. Writer, speaker, connector, collaborator speaks to Jason Allan Scott 

Season 3 of Smarter Events Planning 
Specialties: Wrestling alligators - the more complicated the event seems, the more useful I will be to you! Developing events for our industry peers allows me to bring creative energy to events and use the combination of ubiquitous technology and human nature to create relevance for our participants. With our partners, I love working to bring brands to life through appropriate and engaging environments and thoughtful, relevant experiences. Oh, and I like to have fun through it all!
Effective organizations understand the power of meetings and events to enhance loyalty, educate, inspire and as the most effective tool to build and strengthen connections. Her mission in this age of digital disruption is to create environments which act as an incubator where creativity and innovation can percolate.
From groups of 14 to 15,000... producing the welcome reception for 2,500 Meeting Professionals at MPI WEC Vancouver 2010; Opening the Fairview Container Port Terminal in the very remote Prince Rupert for 700 VIPs from two continents and 4,000 from this wonderful small town for a festival; Olympic and Paralympic Games (Beijing and Vancouver/Whistler), from ballrooms to glaciers, rain forests to the Olympic Cauldron plaza and on three continents (so far!) I have had fantastic opportunities to both lead and be part of amazing teams to design and deliver an incredible range of events.
She wakes up every day knowing she is a part of a vital industry full of amazing people who shares the same goals as she does - to surprise, inspire and excite audiences and guests, and to share her enthusiasm makes her feel lucky. Having a family that supports this while fitting in their sports, school, music and friends makes me even more fortunate! 
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